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Pastor Vondie Cook shares a letter about this year's capital campaign.



It is truly amazing what God is doing at Cross Point.  It seems I say this same thing each year, however each year it is true.  For the past few years we have seen God do some amazing things in our midst.  We  have  seen  God  send  people  who  have  needed  to experience the power of God in their lives.  We have seen  new believers  grow  in  their  walk  with  God.   We  have  seen  new ministries grow and existing  ones  accomplish  more  than  ever before because of the dedication and commitment to allowing God to do what He desires to do in this body of believers.

As a new capital campaign is before us, we need to remember why we are where we are.  We are in this place because of a desire to be in the center of God’s will.  We are here because we, as the church, said we would trust God to take us places we had never been before.  We are here because we said we sensed God calling us  to  rise  to  a  new  level  of  commitment  and dedication.  We are here because of our faith in our  God.  And  this  is  an absolutely wonderful place to be.  Knowing that God is at work among us.  Knowing that God has brought us  here.   Knowing  that  God  is guiding us as we move forward.  There is no greater place in the Kingdom of God than a place like this.

We also are people who know we are involved in a marathon.  The moving  of  God’s  church  is  not  a  sprint.  It  truly  is  a  lengthy endeavor.  When we look back throughout history at God’s hand moving, we find that God used different generations to spread the Gospel.   In  Europe  there  are  massive  cathedrals  that  are  a testimony to multiple generations of believers.  When a group of people desired to build a place where people could hear the Word of God.  Often one generation would build the foundation.  The next generation would build the walls.  The next generation would build the roof.  The  next  generation  would  finish  various  portions  of  the  facility.  This allowed multiple groups of people to be involved in what God was doing.

At Cross Point we are no different.  God is using those of us who are active and willing to give sacrificially in  order to  provide  a  place  for  multiple  generations  to  hear,  understand  and  share  the message of Jesus Christ and him crucified.  Without multiple people and families agreeing to pledge to  the  building  fund,  without multiple ministries agreeing to pledge to the building fund what has   been   built,  improved  and  maintained  would  not  have happened.  Thank you so much for giving to the Lord in the past and for seeking God at this time as well.

A word of caution is in order.  As the congregation gets larger, there is the tendency to believe someone else will pick up what is needed.  This is a common sociological phenomenon.  However, this type of commitment will not accomplish the mission.  Without people being moved by the Holy Spirit of God to stretch beyond our  comfort  zone,  we  limit  what  God  can  do  in  our  hearts, ministries and church.  We are a team in this endeavor, and each team member is vitally important to accomplishing the task.

As we journey through this next Capital Campaign, I would ask you take time to prayerfully seek God’s leading  in  your  pledge  and giving over the next year to the Building Fund.  This requires taking personal responsibility for what God can trust you to give to the Kingdom.  When you and I are willing to do this, God will do His part.  He has truly shown us He is faithful.

I  am   so   blessed   to   pastor   what   I   consider   to   be   the   greatest congregation on  earth.  Cross  Point  is  a  place  of  hope  and  healing.  This  is  accomplished  because  we  have  partnered  with  God, dedicated our lives and this facility for the long haul.  “Building Generations” is what we are endeavoring to do by following our God in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

May God bless YOU as you seek His face and guidance.

Living to Build Generations,
Pastor Vondie



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