1928     Successful, three-week revival held at Raleigh County Courthouse. Out of this revival God established a Church of God, Anderson, Indiana, affiliate, in Beckley, West Virginia. Renting property from former Baptist church on Power Line Drive, this congregation established a Sunday School with intentions to teach biblical truths to the saints and new believers.
1930     The need for a suitable property to carry on the work of the Lord is noted after experiencing significant growth. A committee was established for the purpose of relocating the congregation, and in April of 1930, property was purchased for $3,250.00 on South Oakwood Avenue. The “church house” was dedicated to the Lord’s work in the fall of 1930 and the congregation enjoyed varying success with both physical growth and spiritual depth over the years to follow.
1950-60     In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, this congregation made plans to relocate to property purchased just off of Harper Road. However, the body decided to sell the land and remodel the existing structure. This remodeling included a three story Sunday School addition. The renovated building was dedicated to the Lord’s service in 1962.
1970-80     In the late 1970’s and 1980’s the church purchased property and built a parking lot behind the church building. There were some renovations made to the facility during that time to accommodate the growth being experienced. In the 1990’s the church took hold of the vision to reach the community and the church began a steady growth pattern.
1990's     Snow damage to the roof of the building during the 1997 blizzard provided opportunity for another major remodel in 1998-1999. The offices were moved to the ground floor and the stage area was extended to make additional space for worship and ministry. During this remodel the congregation held worship services at Park Middle School.
2000's     In the fall of 2000, the Lord once again gifted the church with real estate off of Harper Road, and once again the congregation made plans to build and relocate to carry on its work for the Lord. The first outdoor worship service on Crescent Road was held Sunday, August 27, 2006. This land was used for numerous activities even before the new facility was built. A second outdoor worship service was held on the property on August 26, 2007.
2008     Cross Point had the official ground breaking following the morning worship services on Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008. This was an historic day. The event filled the congregation with hope, gladness, and thankfulness to God for what He had done.
2009     The first piece of steel was erected in the fall of 2008. Throughout 2009, construction was in full force on the new facility. Numerous volunteers put in countless hours in service to God. In December 2009, the sale of the facility at 2809 Robert C. Byrd Drive (formerly South Oakwood Ave.) was finalized and Cross Point officially moved to the present facility at 110 Crescent Road. What an amazing God we serve!

When we moved things were not as finished as we had hoped. We worshiped in the lobby for three months while other areas of the building were being completed. The first Sunday the only areas of the building we could officially use were the lobby, the front hallway and classrooms and the rest rooms. The rest of the building was still under construction. God was faithful and with the work of our contractors and volunteers we were able to have service in the sanctuary a few weeks before Easter in 2010!


In addition to the education wing, kitchen and sanctuary the building team sensed that God would have us build the gymnasium during phase one instead of waiting until phase two, which was our original plan. Including the gym, in April 2010 the current facility was dedicated to God’s service with Dr. Arlo Newell as the guest speaker.


After experiencing growth in our children’s ministry, God challenged Cross Point to Raise the Bar in its efforts to reach children and young families. In response the congregation decided to hire a dedicated Children’s Minister and reorganize the structure of ministry at Cross Point. The adult, youth and children’s ministry were reorganized to better reach, disciple, and impact in these areas. The congregation also remodeled to create Adventure Alley, an area just for kids.


God has continued to bless Cross Point after moving into the new facility. Our congregation is averaging almost 300 on Sunday morning and had we not built the gymnasium in phase 1, we would not have an area large enough to have fellowship gatherings and an area to be used to impact our community. Plus, God provided over $200,000 in equipment for our building. Some of this equipment included the heating system for the gym, playground behind the gym, bleachers, basketball goals, scoreboard, commercial dishwasher, tilt skillet, and much more! We thank God for His goodness!


What will God do in the days ahead? If we have seen growth like this since moving to 110 Crescent, what does God have in store for you, your family and your church family? Only time will tell.

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